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Contemplating a trip to the park?

Reasons To Go

  1. Exercise Opportunity – Dogs benefit from exercise and when they get to run off-leash and play freely at the dog park, they get plenty of exercise. Plus, they love getting the chance to really stretch their legs.
  2. Dog Socialization – Because dogs are social pack animals, they enjoy interacting with other dogs. A well-socialized dog is also less likely to develop behavior problems at home.
  3. Human Socialization – Dog parks are a great way for dog owners to meet other dog owners and to develop a friendship. Many people, especially the elderly, only have their dog as a companion. Going to the dog park gives them an excuse to get dressed and get out of the house to go play with their dog and see other owners.
  4. Strong Bond – Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with them.
  5. Separate Areas – Most dog parks have separate areas so the small dogs and large dogs can enjoy themselves safely.
  6. Fun for All Dogs – All dogs, no matter what their size or breed, will enjoy going to the dog park because they can do their own thing without being leashed. Some dogs may prefer to lie in the shade, while others may want to play fetch with their owner.
  7. Your Dog Gets Tired – A tired dog is a good dog! When a dog gets a lot of exercise at the dog park, he gets tired. When a dog is tired, he won’t constantly bark or try to destroy property. This is a good thing!

Reasons To Not

  1. Attacks – There’s always a possibility that either you or your dog could be attacked.
  2. No Vaccinations – Many dogs do not have the proper vaccinations when they enter the dog park. Dog parks are susceptible to diseases. When so many dogs come together the chance of spreading illnesses is multiplied.
  3. Female in Heat – If you take your dog to the dog park and he’s a male dog, be warned because so many people will be irresponsible and take their female dogs out in public while they’re in heat. If you spot a dog in heat, unless you’re ready for some grandpups, we suggest leaving asap!
  4. Children – Children under a certain age shouldn’t be at the dog park. Many dog parks even have this posted as a rule, but so many dog owners feel they can ignore it. When you enter a dog park with children, you now have to keep your eye on the children as well as your dog.
  5. Too Many Dogs – Most parks will post a limit on the amount of dogs a single person can bring in. Well, so many people break this rule and bring more than what’s allowed.

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