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Pet Gifts

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for gifts for your pet? There are items that will help you breeze through your holiday shopping for dogs of all kinds. The following ar a few gift ideas for your version of man’s best friend this holiday season:

  • Kennel. This Christmas a brand new kennel or dog house for you dog is a terrific way to show your pet that you love them.
  • Dog Bowls. For the holiday season, getting your dog a new set of bowls is a great pet gift as well as a great decoration idea. Christmas doggie bowls are popular during the winter season and would make a fantastic addition to your pet’s amenities.
  • Extended Leash. Do you ever get tired of your canine pulling you around the neighborhood? Pick up an extended leash for your pet and both you and your dog will enjoy the benefits.
  • Training. Do you have a dog with behavioral problems? Dog training school makes an outstanding gift for your pup and your family. Getting basic lessons for you pup should include teaching your pet how to follow several commands including how to make your pet sit.
  • Tennis Balls. For the playful dog, tennis balls are perfect presents to accentuate their canine personality. Tennis balls will provide you and your best friend with hours of fun.
  • Raw hide bones. What dog doesn’t love treats, so reward your pup with a few raw hide bones this Christmas. Depending on the size of your canine, select a nice hearty raw hide treat for their gift.
  • Dog Bed. For every loveable dog, a brand new doggie bed makes a wonderful gift to your canine loved one. It’s best to begin your search by looking for a bed made of soft wool or similar material.

If you are a cat owner, you know how wonderful your furry friend is! Our cats love us unconditionally. So, why not show them some love in return? These ideas will help you choose the perfect gift for your cat. Additionally, if you are a cat lover, but do not own a cat, this guide will provide ideas for gifts you can give homeless cats.

Have you ever noticed how many hours a day your cat sleeps? It is an incredible number! It has been estimated that cats sleep approximately 15 hours every day. Thus, one gift you may want to consider purchasing for your cat is a cat bed. Cats love to nap in soft, cushioned places. Cat beds are available in an array of fabrics, colors, and patterns.

If you really wish to pamper your cat, consider purchasing a Luxury Pet Bed. It offers a foam mattress and a miniature bed frame and are machine washer safe.

Toys are also a great gift for cats. Almost every cat enjoys catnip and there is no better time than the Holidays to give a gift containing catnip! Talk about family fun.

Some cats really enjoy playing with balls. You can find jingle bell balls at most pet stores. There is also a Cat-A-Ball, which is a larger plastic ball containing a jingle bell. While the cat can hear, touch, and see the jingle bell inside the ball, they will not be able to extract it. It will keep your cat’s curiosity peaked for hours.

And still other cats enjoy playing hide and seek. The Expandable Cat Tunnel, is perfect for these cats. The tunnel, when extended to its full length is 48 inches long and 13 inches in diameter. The tunnel is lined with fleece, which also makes the tunnel a perfect place for your feline to nap.

Having your feline micro chipped is a great way to ensure your cat’s safe return if he or she gets lost. The chipping procedure is quick, easy, and not very painful. The vet will place the chip just under your cat’s skin, on the back, near the neck or near the behind. Your cat will only feel a short needle injection. The procedure is well worth the cost. The most commonly used pet microchip system is Home Again. It costs additional to register your cat with Home Again after he or she is chipped. Entering your pet’s information in the database will allow Home Again the ability to contact you when your cat is found if he or she gets lost.

Veterinarians and animal shelters commonly check for a microchip when animals are brought in, even if the cat is not wearing a tag ID. For more information, ask your veterinarian or visit the Home Again website: will provide you and your feline friend with hours of fun.


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